Children’s Programmes

The Arithmeum is a modern museum in which science and art intermingle in aesthetic surroundings. Not only science but also art can be fascinating for children. Thus the Arithmeum has developed suitable programs for children who are interested in such topics or whose dormant interest needs awakening.

On the first Saturday every month we offer a public children's programme in German language. Information about the upcoming programmes can be found in our event schedule, prior registration by telephone is mandatory: 0228 - 738790.

  • Calculating in olden times
    • Fingers, Stones, Knots (from 5 years)
    • 1+1=2 Adding with Machines (from 7 years)
    • Abacus and Reckoning Table (from 8 years)
    • Current on, Current off – Holes for Storing Data (from 8 years)
    • Using Napier’s Rods (from 9 years)
    • Computing with Machines (from 9 years)

  • Calculating in modern times
    • 1+1=10  -  How do computers do math? (from 10 years)

  • Cryptography (from 8 years)

  • Art
    • Colorful columns (from 5 years)

  • Introduction to Discrete Mathematics (four-day program for pupils at the age of 15)