Early Computers and PC’s

Public guided tour every first Friday of the month at 18:00 – participation only after prior booking by telephone: 0228 738790

In the past 20 years the Arithmeum has been able to assemble an outstanding collection of early computers and PC’s. These are now being shown for the first time in premises very close to the Arithmeum.

Starting with punched card counting and sorting machines like the D11, proceeding to minicomputers like the PDP 8 and PDP 11, and thence to the first tabletop computers like the Olivetti Programma 101, Altair, IMSAI and HP, and PC’s like the Apple 1, IBM 5100, Commodore Pet, C64, Amiga, Atari and NEXT – all these objects are presented and most of them are demonstrated live with original software.

A walk through this viewing depot shows the path from the first computers all the way to the present-day PC in the form of smartphones and desktops, without which our daily life is unimaginable. Die giant step from mechanics to microelectronics which was heretofore not covered by the Arithmeum, can now be experienced in this impressive new viewing depot.

The viewing depot can only be visited in a guided tour with prior registration.

Alcatel Terminatel 258, since 1980, 4,6kg, Minitel French Network Computer, FDMC 31, © Arithmeum
Altair 8800 MITS, 1974, binary programmable computer, FDMC 153, © Arithmeum
Apple Macintosh Plus 1, 1986, 7,4 kg, FDMC 33, © Arithmeum
Commodore CBM 710, since 1980, 13,7 kg, FDMC 97, © Arithmeum
Commodore CBM 4032, 1977, 16,7 kg, FDMC 39, © Arithmeum
Heathkit H89, 1979, 20,9 kg, Personal Computer, © Arithmeum
HP 83A, 1979, 7 kg, Small Desktop Personal Computer, FDMC 3, © Arithmeum
HP 9835A, 1978, 23,9 kg, Desktop Computer, FDMC 6, © Arithmeum
Robotron KC 87 9001, 1985, 3,8 kg, Computer, FDMC 13, © Arithmeum
IBM 5100, 1975, 21,8kg, first microcomputer by IBM, collection Arithmeum, FDMC 1517, © Arithmeum.