We're open again!

We are pleased to announce that the Arithmeum is open again for you.

We try to make your visit as pleasant and casual as possible. However, due to official hygiene regulations, we have to comply with a few rules to protect visitors and staff. We very much hope that you will support us in this. In addition to the usual hygiene protection measures, which also include the temporary recording of your personal data, there are a few points to consider which you will find in detail in the Corona protection measures section.

The permanent and the special exhibition "Mathematics and Aesthetics of Chip Design" are open again, but lectures, guided tours and children's programmes cannot yet be offered again at present. For the sake of our health, we ask for your understanding.

In order to get a small insight into the Arithmeum's collection from home, you will find a new video on a selected calculating machine every month. In addition, for the special exhibition "Mathematics and Aesthetics of Chip Design" we have made available our multimedia application, in which you can explore the various aspects of chip design online in a playful manner.

Everyone who uses a computer today benefits from the centuries-old history of the mechanization of computing. Only 500 years ago, calculating was in the hands of a few well-trained masters of arithmetic. Soon afterwards, numerous great thinkers and mathematicians devoted themselves to the task of making calculating error-free and fast. The more faultlessly the mechanics of a calculating machine functioned, the greater was the desire to calculate even faster, more conveniently and better. The faster the calculations became, the greater the possible applications of the calculating aids, until finally, with today's computers, they have become so versatile that it is impossible to imagine everyday life without them. Nevertheless, the task has remained the same - regardless of whether it is solved mechanically, electronically or microelectronically: You always "only" calculate!

In an aesthetically appealing exhibition, the Arithmeum presents the history of mechanical computing as well as computing today. Many demonstration models invite visitors to try out the historical techniques of calculating, and finally, a small microprocessor can be playfully developed at multimedia stations. Early computer development will be demonstrated in a show depot as soon as guided tours are permitted again.

An extensive collection of historical books on arithmetic and mathematics dating back to the invention of printing completes the Arithmeum's exhibition. In combination with geometric-constructive art, design objects and chairs in the exhibition and regular concert events, the so-called concerti discreti, a visit to the Arithmeum is always an overall experience.

At the Arithmeum, science and art enter into an informal symbiosis and mutually enrich each other.

We will keep you informed of all the latest news about our museum through the media, our newsletter and on our homepage www.arithmeum.de.

We look forward to welcoming you soon to the Arithmeum and wish you a pleasant and eventful visit!