Since the Arithmeum first opened, concerts have taken place regularly in its entrance hall and were recorded for radio broadcasting. The eminently successful concert series »concerto discreto« was founded in 1999 by the DLF and the Arithmeum. It was subsequently taken over by the DW for a brief period and was in good hands with the WDR3.

In the series of »concerti discreti« numerous notable artists have performed in the special concert atmosphere of the Arithmeum. From among them we name Julia Fischer, Fazil Say, Gabriela Montero, the brothers Capucon, Markus Stockhausen and Martin Grubinger. The very varied programs of the »concerti discreti« attract a broad selection of the public who have remained loyal and enthusiastic partakers of this special series of concerts.

Apart from the »concerti discreti« there are also concerts for children and summer concerts in the Arithmeum from time to time. Special highlights were, for example, the performances of the invisible pianist – a player piano which brought to life pieces from the collection of Jürgen Hocker.