concerto discreto

There is a special concert series for visitors of the Arithmeum on six to eight Monday evenings every year. The unusual atmosphere of the place of performance has influence on the concert experience as well. The border between the stage and the audience becomes open, the place often develops into a resonance room fully fathomed out by the artists. Due to the intimacy of the location, the audience can get to know the artists from a completely different perspective. Experiencing music together is what is most important. The concert experience is always captured in a way that makes the people in front of the radio hear the artist’s interpretation first hand which was inspired by the audience and the location.

If you have attended a „concerto discreto“ in the Arithmeum, you know about the special qualitites of this musical experience in such a particular place and also that ancient and classical music as well as contemporary compositions can be performed here in the glass foyer of our building in the most beautiful way. This is mirrored in the concert audience which is comprised of typical music lovers, but also numerous students and young musicians who can always satisfy their curiosity and experience love for music from close up.

Programme 2016 / 2017

Tickets at the Arithmeum, booking offices, Bonnticket phone: 0228 - 502010 and at the door: EUR 9,-/6,-