Mathematics and aesthetics of chip design

„Mathematics and aesthetics of chip design“ introduces the latest developments in the design of highly complex microprocessors and their inherent aesthetics in a richly illustrated exhibition. Designs from the Research Institute of Discrete Mathematics for “SUMMIT”, the fastest computer in the world at the moment, can be seen among these pictures. Fascinating scientific results that we all benefit from when using a computer are presented in a vivid way for everybody who is not an expert. You can experience pure nanotechnology here.

You can visit some parts of the exhibition online here.

The exhibition “Mathematics and aesthetics of chip design” gives fascinating insight into the world of microprocessors. The director of the Research Institute of Discrete Mathematics, Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Bernhard Korte, welcomes visitors with a short introduction. A tour shows some impressions of the exhibition. More information about the development of chips can be found in three short videos. To design highly complex chips, the following steps are particularly important: Placement – the positioning of the functional elements, the transistors, on the chip; Routing – the wiring of these elements; and Timing – the optimal clock frequency of a chip. To understand all the steps necessary for a chip design in connection, another video presents the design of a simple chip to control a roadworks traffic light at a one-lane piece of street. Enjoy your exploration of this background information about the chip exhibition.
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Public guided tours: Sundays at 3 p.m. No prior reservation necessary.