Guided tours for school classes

Guided tours of the Arithmeum are free of charge for school classes; there is only an entry fee of 2 € per student and 3 € per teacher to be paid. Groups can consist of up to 60 people and will be split up into smaller groups if necessary. Duration, content and emphasis of the tours are adapted to the groups individually.

Prior registration by telephone is mandatory: 0228 - 738790.

Primary Schools

For children at the age of 5 – 10 years, we offer special workshops (Link) giving them the opportunity to get to know different parts of the exhibition in a more playful way.

Ages 10 - 16

The guided tours for pupils aged 10 to 16 take about 60 minutes and cover the whole of our exhibition „calculating in olden and modern times“.

Ages 16 and older

Pupils aged 16 and older can attend guided tours of 60 or 90 minutes, covering the whole of our permanent exhibition.