Guided tours for groups

Groups of up to 60 people can book guided tours of the different exhibitions in the Arithmeum with individual thematic emphasis.

The standard tour presents deeper insights into the Arithmeum collection and shows many calculating machines in action. If you are unfamiliar with the subject of the exhibition, you can get to know the essential milestones of the history of mechanical calculating in such a guided tour. It will make you appreciate not only the aesthetic aspects, but also the function and the genius of the inventors of many machines.

Our guided art tours give you background information about the artists and are meant to serve as guidance, so that visitors can gain understanding of the works of art.

A walk through the viewing depot „Early Computers and PC’s“ shows the path from the first computers all the way to the present-day PC, from mechanics to microelectronics.

If you are especially interested in computer history, it is also possible to book a guided tour with the thematic emphasis on „calculating today“. During that tour, you will see e.g. a mechanical binary computer invented by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, an electrical counting and sorting machine working with punched cards made by Herman Hollerith, the ENIGMA rotor cipher machine or the ZUSE Z25.

Guided tours take 60 or 90 minutes, according to preferences; prior registration by telephone is mandatory: 0228 - 738790.