Sammlung Lahumière

Geometric Constructivist Art from France - past and present

Geometric constructivist art has always played a significant, though not central, role in France. The pioneers of geometric constructivist art in France were regarded as the initiators and role models of this art form by generations of artists, not only in France itself but also far beyond its borders. Auguste Herbin, Jean Gorin and Aurelie Nemours are among the outstanding international personalities which have influenced many other artists. The qualification „in France“ is not meant to denote French artists only a certain connection with the French constructivist scene is sufficient. Thus, Victor Vasarely, Alberto Magnelli, Jo Delahaut and Jean Leppien also qualify. Less well known but also influential in French constructivist art are Marcelle Cahn, Jean Legros, Jean Deyrolle, Jean Dewasne and, among contem- porary artists, Jean Francois Dubreuil, Henri Prosi, Charles Bèzie , Jean-Michel Gasquet, Jean d'Imbleval, Renaud Jaquier Stajnowicz, Yves Popet, Antoine Perrot and Marcel Floris. Most of the exhibits are from the Lahumière Collection in Paris, but there are also several works from the ARITHMEUM Collection on show. We extend our cordial thanks to Anne and Jean Claude Lahumière for the loan of their pictures.