Colour Reflections

Gerhard Doehler in the Arithmeum

Guided tours through the Exhibition on Sundays at 3 p.m./p>

Gerhard Doehler has followed an unconventional path before finding his very personal art form, in many ways related to constructivist art. In his work it is not the tangible which dominates. Although he uses clearly defined geometrical objects, these do not form the essence. The spaces in between are at least as important. Gerhard Doehler forms wooden elements which create colour reflections on the wall. The wall between these elements reflects the picture. The objects themselves, the wooden elements, appear white to the viewer. The spaces in between, with their ethereal intangibility, unfold a surprising presence. However, if the viewer approaches the wall in order to inspect these colours more closely, they disappear. Only at the right distance does the work of art reveal itself. Gerhard Doehler's work catalyses the change of light into colour.