Bob Bonies

Constructive Reality

Bob Bonies sees himself and his art as successor of De Stijl. His work is a continuation of the principles of this art form, which originated in the Netherlands. Bob Bonies expanded the range of basic colours, though, by also using green in his large-size paintings. He is also challenging the limits of his predecessors where formal questions are concerned. In his paintings he combines segments of circles with rectangular shapes. With his art, which is related to Hard-Edge-Painting just as much as to Shaped-Canvas-paintings, he demonstrates that purely aesthetic compositions have not lost any of their relevance or originality.

Formally Bob Bonies is interested in phenomena of movement. This can be seen in his contrasting the three basic colours and green with each other, thus creating a sensation of depth in his paintings, as well in the irritating placement or deferral of single shapes or parts of a painting within the painting. He subtly points the observer at how sensible his perception of space is.