You'll have to reckon with a long night!

Open Day and Long Night at the Arithmeum until 12 p.m.

*Markus and Simon Stockhausen, Manos Tsangaris

Concerts „Spatial Sounds„*

*The Reckoning Master Odalricus (alias Professor Ulrich Reich from Karlsruhe) *

In the year 1504 an unusual figure turned up in the Electoral Palatinate. He was called Odalricus, came from Biemphelingin and was a reckoning master by profession. Odalricus had travelled widely and come into contact with other cultures, as was evident from the way he looked and dressed. He taught clergymen, who persisted in their belief that zero was the work of the devil, and also merchants and children at markets and fairs. In 1504, while in Franconia, he taught a twelve year old boy called Adam Ries. He realized that this boy was very talented in arithmetic and prophesied that he would have a great future as a reckoning master.

In the Arithmeum, the Odalricus-of-today demonstrated his reckoning art and tried to discover whether his teachings of yore have borne fruit.