Exhibit of the month

In this section we will be presenting a changing selection of outstanding mechanical calculators, their historical background and functionality. Most of the time this presentation will feature a 3D-animation of a mechanical calculator produced by one of our students or employees. These animations, often created as part of a bachelor’s thesis, will show you the use and functionality of a specific mechanical calculator in amazing detail. Sometimes even the first attempts on working with the 3D creation software Blender that students are able to realize during the university lecture “History of Mechanical Calculating” held here at the Arithmeum are so impressive that we will be showing you the resulting video here. That is why, though we aim to ensure a consistent quality of presentations, you might experience certain differences in quality and length. Yet, these shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the fascination of those mechanical wonders we are happy to show you!

Die Walther DMKZ

Die Walther DMKZ ist eine seltene und bemerkenswerte Vierspezies-Sprossenradmaschine der Fabrik Carl Walther, die mittels mechanischer Zusätze für die Ausfürhung der Division optimiert war. In diesem Video, welches Frau Beyza Behlen im Rahmen ihrer Projektgruppenarbeit im Arithmeum erstellt hat, wird die Mechanik dieser Rechenmaschine im Detail visualisiert und erläutert.