Katarina Andersson

morning piece, 2002

Katarina Andersson, who was born in 1960 in Lerum, Sweden, studied art at the Art College of Valand in Göteborg and then at the Royal College of Art in London. In 1991 she had her first one-person exhibition in the Ars Nova Gallery in Göteborg. Later one-person exhibitions took place in Ystad, Uppsala and Lund, and other exhibitions in which she participated took place in Zurich, Stuttgart and Stockholm. Katarina Andersson now lives and works in Göteborg.

Quiet, light, exact, and yet inscrutable: the planned reticence in the paintings of Katarina Andersson generates its own very individual intensity. Her starting-point is usually a square.

In the exhibited composition „morning piece“ the artist has placed thin horizontal lines on a very light background, whose colour has been chosen with intended ambiguity somewhere between green and blue. The very carefully and exactly drawn lines span the entire width and their regularity imparts a rhythm to the whole picture. The repetition of a pair of differently coloured lines partitions the surface regularly into repeated pairs of stripes, one of which is twice as wide as the other. The colours of the two sets of lines interact with the blue-green background. One set of lines is coloured in a medium cyan-turquoise and the other in a dark greenish-blue grey tone.

Katarina Andersson’s „morning piece“ does not represent the usual atmosphere of morning, with sunrise and the first clear light. Her composition represents a very subtle facet of early morning, in which the very first rays of light penetrate the darkness and start to separate light from dark, where the colours are still diffuse and the eye only slowly orientates itself in space.