Geometric constructivist Art from the Arithmeum Art Collection

The Art Collection of the Arithmeum is steadily being enlarged. Its theme is geometric constructivist art and all the main branches of constructivist art are represented. During 2005 significant additions were made. We have therefore taken the opportunity to focus mainly on the new acquisitions. During this year the international range of the Art Collection will also be emphasized. Not only works of European constructivist and concrete artists will be shown, but also those of overseas representatives of these art forms.

The Art Collection includes not only works of such classic constructivist artists as Josef Albers, Richard Paul Lohse, Max Bill, Camille Graeser, Jean Gorin, Leon Polk Smith, Leo Breuer and Victor Vasarely, but also works of contemporary artists working in this direction, such as Elena Lux-Marx, Nelly Rudin, Paul Osipow and Rafael Perez.

Last year the Arithmeum Art Collection was fortunate to be able to acquire several very high-quality paintings: a work by the American constructivist artist Charmion von Wiegand who was Mondrian’s companion, a work by Ilja Bolotowsky from St. Petersburg, and an early work by Gualtiero Nativi who lived in Italy.