Adolf Fleischmann

colour vibration

Duration of the exhibition:

18. March – 30. June 2003

In his work, Adolf Fleischmann (1892-1968) has introduced a completely individual expression of forms which is certainly abstract but, beyond that, cannot be categorized any further. The expression of forms in his main works is clear as well as stringent, even geometric, while his mode of execution reveals expressive and spontaneous elements.

Fleischmann has developed an expression of abstract art which builds on an extremely modest formative element, namely a short stroke of the brush resulting in a little rectangle. With this simple basic unit which is, however, able to contribute substantially to a rhythmic formation of the picture, and with his very intense sense of colour, Fleischmann was able to create compositions of enormous tension. The reduction to this basic unit provided him with a great deal of scope as well as untold ways of developing.

There has been no exhibition of this exceptional artist during the last ten years. This retrospective exhibits pictures from the State Gallery, Stuttgart, the Daimler-Chrysler Collection, Stuttgart, the Schlichtenmaier Gallery, Grafenau, the Stolz Gallery, Berlin, the Fleischmann estate, New York, and numerous private collections as well as the Arithmeum Collection.