You'll have to reckon with a long night!

Open Day and Long Night at the Arithmeum until 12 p.m.

Enrique Diaz & LOS CHINCOLES


Pia Miranda: vocal, percussion, trombone

Paz Miranda: vocal, percussion, flute

Eduardo Blumenstock: vocal, piano, cello

Enrique Diaz: double bass, guitar (composition)

Enrique Diaz & LOS CHINCOLES - that is music which comes from the heart and reaches out to your heart. In the Arithmeum the Quartet will present a journey through Latin American music from folklore to Bosa-Nova and improvisations. CHINCOLES are birds which live in Chile and never tire of singing. The name LOS CHINCOLES is reminiscent of the beginnings of this group, when they sang in private circles, just for the fun of it. Pia Miranda (vocal, percussion, trombone), Paz Miranda (vocal, percussion, flute), and Enrique Diaz (double bass, guitar) are all three from Chile, while Eduardo Blumenstock (vocal, piano, cello) was born in Spain. During this evening’s performance, Enrique Diaz will also present pieces especially suited to the atmosphere of the Arithmeum.

A Car Rallye with the Oldtimer „Voiturette“ of Leon Bollee, built in 1896

Have you ever been driven around the center of Bonn in one of the oldest cars in the world? You can actually have the pleasure of such an experience! Bernhard Schmidt, the present owner of the original „Voiturette“ of Leon Bollee, built in 1896, will drive visitors of the Arithmeum in his TÜV-approved vehicle around the center of Bonn, wearing a bowler hat and choker.