Johann Christoph Schuster's calculating machine

This week, we present to you the circular calculating machine for all four arithmetic operations by Johann Christoph Schuster (1759-1823). The original version of his machine from the year 1822 can be seen in the Arithmeum. The exact model that was used as a template for the machine in this animation is in the Deutsches Museum in Munich; a very faithful replica of it is exhibited in the Arithmeum as well.
As apprentice of Philipp Matthäus Hahn, Johann Christoph Schuster learned how to build calculating machines for all four arithmetic operations and he continued his master's invention - who later became his brother-in-law, too.
Stefanie Juchmes made this highly detailled animation video as her bachelor's thesis in Professor Dr. Ina Prinz' course of lectures about the history of mechanical calculation. The use of the machine is shown in a very comprehensible way and all four basic arithmetic operations are explained.
Johann Christoph Schuster's calculating machines are amongst the last technical artifacts that were manufactured as unique specimens before the start of mass production.