Children’s Program – Calculating in modern times

The children’s programs for the theme “Calculating in modern times” deal with questions of arithmetic with binary numbers, as well as with the basic components of a computer and with the design of microprocessors.

The Arithmeum offers a special program titled “Introduction to Discrete Mathematics” for class nine school children. It comprises four double hours on different days and teaches what discrete mathematics is, solves several exciting mathematical problems and offers the chance of trying to prove a mathematical theorem. This special program is presented by students of Discrete Mathematics and is supported by the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics. It is free of charge for school classes. Interested teachers are asked to make booking arrangements by telephone at least four weeks in advance of the envisaged date.

  • 1+1=10  -  How do computers do math? (from 10 years)

  • Introduction to Discrete Mathematics (four-day program for pupils at the age of 15)