Lars Englund


From 30th May 2000 onwards, there has been another presentation in the series „Singular Art“ in the Arithmeum: a work of art by the Swede Lars Englund. This sculpture acted as a counterpoint to the concurrent „Erling Neby Collection in the Arithmeum„, which presented a wide selection of geometric constructivist art from Scandinavia. „borderlines“ is a hanging sphere made of filigree metal modules. The individual modules consist of just two sorts of long, curved, flat metal strips. This sphere corresponded in a special way with the architecture of the foyer of the Arithmeum.

In both cases we have space-enclosing shells, but they differ in that the building is strictly rectangular and functional while the sphere is round and totally without function. Both bound space and give space, the building in a real, material sense, the sculpture in an immaterial sense.