Jo Niemeyer in the Arithmeum

Jo Niemeyer is counted among the most resolute geometrical constructivist artists of our time. His minimal compositions created by means of the proportio divina are of harmonious aesthetics. The superficial simplicity of his works requires the viewer’s intensive involvement with his paintings which show not only high quality, but especially his subtle creative power. It is not the calculation that makes his works of art so convincing, but the intuitive sense for a good composition. With his system based on the construction of the golden section, Jo Niemeyer never forgets to challenge his works. Indeed, he only finalizes a few of his drafts and thus creates unique paintings, both in their haptic and their perfection.

Jo Niemeyer was inspired by his intensive experience of nature. As a skilled photographer he addressed himself to a detailed and structural view motivated by the order in nature. With the aim of visualizing the character of this order, he began to address himself to painting where he was able to reduce his compositions to the essentials. Jo Niemeyer’s works are fascinating because they are open and free in spite of all the reduction and construction.