Curta Model II

The production of the larger Curta II began in 1953 and the numbering began with 500 001. By 1971, about 60,000 had been built. The basic patents belonged to Curt Herzstark. In later years some improvements were made and patented by Elmar Maier, e.g. a motor-driven version (US Patent No.3104811) which, however, was never built. In 1969 it was priced at DM 535 in the catalogues. In that same year the first hand-held electronic calculators appeared on the market (Sanyo ICC 82) at the exorbitant price of around DM 2000. But prices for these new gadgets plummeted in the following years. In 1970 about 6000 Curta II were built, but in 1971 only 740.