Brunsviga Model 1

The first German pinwheel machine was built in 1892 by the Brunswick sewing machine factory Grimme, Natalis & Co., shortly after acquiring the German license for Odhner machines. This machine is one of the first and is practically identical with the Odhner Model 1. The circular insignia of Grimme, Natalis & Co. is in the same place as the Odhner insignia on the Odhner Model 1. It was produced for one year and cost 150 M in 1892. Brunsviga quickly made improvements to the machine, e.g. a longer crank. Today there are only very few of these first Brunsviga models worldwide; one is in the Science Museum, London (No.262), two in the Brunswick State Museum (Nos.407 and 633), and two in the Arithmeum, Bonn (Nos.285 and 308). These machines do not yet feature any devices for preventing wrong usage and, what is more serious, the tens-carrying in the result mechanism goes only to the tenth place.