Reckoning counter depicting a reckoning master and struck by Hanns Krauwinkel

This brass reckoning counter was struck by the Nuremberg coin maker Hanns Krauwinkel around 1630. The obverse inscription reads + Hanns. KR-AV-WINCKEL. IN.NVR and the reverse one reads FLEISIGE.RECHNVNG.MACHT.RICHTIKEIK and ABCD|EFGHIK|LMNOPQ|RST-VW|XYZ.

The obverse face depicts a reckoning master sitting at his table which has a chain-like edge and shows a system of lines plus twelve counters. The figure is bearded and wearing 17th century clothes. Below the table and between its angled legs one sees a trefoil suspended by two diverging bands. Trefoils, reminiscent of clover leaves, were often used ornamentally on coins since the Middle Ages.

The reverse face depicts the inscription, which translates as “diligent reckoning induces correctness”, in an annulus along the edge and displays the alphabet within its inner circle.

Rechenpfennig Hanns Krauwinkel, ca.1630, Durchmesser: 2,8 cm , Rückseite, FDM 9354, © Arithmeum