Reckoning counter

This copper reckoning counter was manufactured in Germany in the year 1630. It shows signs of wear on both sides.

The obverse inscription reads  Rechen Pfening 1630  in the centre, surrounded by  VRTEILLE NACH GERECHTIGKEIT, and the reverse one reads  IUSTITIA LUX MUNDI. The obverse face has only the two inscriptions, the central one being quite rare. The reverse face depicts Justitia standing and holding a pair of scales, a sword and an escutcheon with the emblem of the Albertine line of Saxony. It was struck during the regency of John George I. (1615-1656).

Rechenpfennig, 1630, Durchmesser: 2,3 cm , Rückseite, FDM 9541, © Arithmeum