The Millionaire is a direct-multiplication 4-species machine with a multiplication block, which was patented in 1893 by the Swiss mechanic Otto Steiger and built by the firm Egli in Zürich for forty years. In contrast with Bollée’s machine, the Millionaire has only one multiplication block featuring many stepped rectangular rods of different heights. Turning the crank half way moves the block forward and transfers the tens-values into the main mechanism. During the return of the block, any necessary tens-carry operations are performed. Turning the crank through the second half deals with the units-values in the same way. The first series of Millionaires was built in Munich in 1896 and in Zurich from 1898 onwards. In 1911 a motor-driven version became available and one with setting keys in 1913 and with a second result mechanism in 1914. Finally, the sliders for entering the multiplier were replaced by a keyboard in 1927. The production of the Millionaire ended in 1935. The English name of this relatively rare machine seems to indicate that it was an export model. It is housed in a metal box which is extensively corroded. That is why some of the metal plates have been replaced by perspex, thus allowing a view of the interior.